The key lecturers and teaching staff of the IMETE programme are:

University of Chemistry and Technology Prague


  • Jan Bartáček, Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Technology

  • Karel Ciahotný, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Technology of Fuels

  • Kateřina Demnerová, Professor of Microbiology

  • Pavel Jeníček, Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Technology

  • Martin Kubal, Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Technology

  • Ondřej Uhlík, Associate Professor of Microbiology

  • Jiří Wanner, Professor of Water Technology


IHE Delft Institute for Water Education



Ghent University


  • Gijs Du Laing, Associate Professor of Applied Analytical and Environmental Chemistry 

  • Frederik Ronsse, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering

  • Eveline Volcke, Associate Professor in Biosystems Design and Control

  • Korneel Rabaey, Full Professor in Microbial Ecology and Technology

  • Erik Meers, Associate Professor in Environmental Chemistry & Technology

  • Christophe Walgraeve, Associate Professor in Environmental Chemistry

  • Peter Finke, Professor in Soil Science and Soil Genesis

  • Wim Cornelis, Associate Professor in Soil Physics

  • Filip Tack, Full Professor in Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements

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