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Our partner network offers a wide variety of PhD opportunities. However ... obtaining a PhD position is a very competitive business. Universities and Research Centres in Europe only have limited funding to support PhD students, so only the very best will be accepted. 

You could also fund yourself your PhD research, but then you need to find financial support outside of the institute where you apply.

Usually you find the subject you want to do your PhD in, and then contact the professor(s) and department(s) involved in that research with your proposal.

Some leads:

  • PhD at IHE Delft: Work together with other researchers, including over 150 PhD fellows and 200 MSc students from different countries all dealing with topics related to water & development. This results in a vibrant, multicultural and multidisciplinary research atmosphere. 

  • PhD at UGent: Ghent University provides maximum opportunity for creative young researchers to develop their ideas. Our university boasts a considerable number of research centres that cover all scientific domains. Guided by a supervisor you get to the core of fundamental or particular issues. You enter an engaging environment and you will be given ample opportunity to acquire a range of skills and experiences.

  • PhD at UCT: The University accepts PhD students on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year; it is essential when making your application for doctoral studies that you find an advisor who will guide you through the entire period of your PhD studies. 

Of the alumni that graduated in recent years, roughly one in four is currently working as a PhD Candidate in research, one in four is working in the public sector and one in two find a position in the private sector.

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