The Master Dissertation is an integrated part of the IMETE Master Programme and is credited at 30 ECTS. All students are doing thesis work during their last semester in one of the 3 IMETE Consortium partners or IMETE associated partners.

Examples of Master Dissertation topics researched in 2011-2015, are:

  • Anamox bacteria in wastewater treatment systems

  • Methane oxidizing and sulphate reducing bacterial consortia in deep sea sediments

  • Oil spill electroremediation 

  • Advanced oxidation processes for the removal of pharmaceutical residues in water

  • Life Cycle Assessment: Coupling Environmental Damage and Human Health Benefits Caused by Pharmaceutical Production Processes

  • Biohydrogen production from microalgae: pretreatment evaluation

  • Nutrient recovery from agricultural waste streams 

  • Phytoremediation of landfill leachate using tropical native plants

  • Removal of volatile organic compounds with fungi and its characterisation

  • Statistical evaluation of data from FISH analysis

  • Sustainable treatment of municipal wastewater through autotrophic nitrogen removal in granular sludge reactors

  • Usage of immobilized microorganisms for oil spills removal

  • Use of biochar for environmental remediation of contaminated soils

  • Optimal strategy to enhance biohydrogen production

  • Biodegradation of crude oil and chemical dispersants in Arctic seawater

  • Can we remove nanoparticles from drinking water using conventional treatment techniques?

  • Development of carbon nanotube based drinking water desinfection method

  • Treatment of gold mine wastewater tailings

  • Bacteria associated with biodegradation of persistent organic pollutants in soils and sediments

  • Soil quality changes of terra preta amended agricultural soils

  • Algae production for cosmetics: environmental life cycle assessment and economic life cycle costing 

  • Characterization of bacteria associated with plant species naturally growing in the long-term contaminated soils

  • Steering production and recovery of chemicals from spent broths

  • Comparison of biogas production rate at mesophilic and thermophilic sludge digestion

  • Kinetics of metal precipitation

  • Pharmaceuticals: environmental sustainability of chemical and pharmaceutical processes, a cradle-to-gate analysis 

  • Energy recovery from sewage in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR)

  • Biogas up-grading by photosynthetic microorganisms 

  • Modelling of denitrifying gaslift bioreactors

  • Bacteria and their functional genes involved in the bio/rhizodegradation of aromatic pollutants 

  • Hydrogen production from microalgae fermentation

  • Fate of micropollutants in wetlands used for wastewater treatment 

  • Chemicals from biomass: understanding complex substrates for high-value fermentation 

  • Recovery of metals from acidic, metal contaminated waste streams

  • Microbial community fingerprinting of anaerobic granular sludge

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