It is now possible to apply for admission to the academic year 2021-2023.

Apply for the International Master in Environmental Technology and Engineering by completing and submitting the online application available at the IHE Delft website. Make sure that before you start to apply online, the documents described on this page are collected.

Required documents:

  • Photocopy(ies) of academic diploma(s)(if applicable translated in English);

  • Certified academic transcript(s), (if applicable translated in English by a sworn translator);

  • Curriculum Vitae including work experience and research record (if any);

  • Letter of Motivation stating the applicant’s interest in the study programme:


The following needs to be addressed in the motivation letter:

  • Reference to issues of Environmental Technology and Engineering in your country and/or worldwide;

  • Clear description of own qualifications and experience;

  • Specific reference to the IMETE study programme and objectives;

  • Coherence of own intended career with the IMETE study programme

(preferably the motivation letter should have a maximum of 1000 words, this may take more than one A4 page).

  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably not older than six months either by two university teachers or by one university teacher and by one employer, or by internationally recognised scientist(s). The reference letters should:

    1. Refer to academic and scientific qualifications and potential of the candidate with regard to the programme;

    2. Refer to professional qualifications and/or potential of the candidate;

    3. Refer to personal qualifications and/or potential of the candidate.

  • Identity document

  • Results of an English language test proving you comply with the programme's language requirements. Please check our English requirements on

  • Residence certificate. This is a required field, but we don’t need to receive a residence certificate for this master programme. Please upload a copy of your identity document here.

Apply now!

Apply for admission to IMETE by filling out and submitting your online application on the IHE Delft website

Application deadlines 

  • You need to submit your application before 15 May 2021. In case you meet the academic admission requirements, ultimate financial confirmation is needed before 1 June 2021 at the latest. However, with regard to long visa procedures for Czech Republic you are strongly advised to send your financial confirmation well in advance of that date.  If you do not need a visa for Czech Republic the deadline of application is 1 August 2021.

Cost of the programme

Tuition fee payable: € 18,000.00 total for 2-year programme.
Other costs:​​

  • Insurance: € 40 per month / € 960 total

  • Dutch residence permit: € 174

  • In addition, we estimate that a student may need on average € 1000 per month to cover costs of living and travelling between partner institutes.

Outcome of application for admission

You will be informed about the outcome within 4 weeks after you have submitted your application.