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We will assist you in finding accommodation at all three locations. If rooms are available, you can stay in our student accommodation, you may however also select your own place to stay during your studies. 


Dormitories/Halls of Residence

UCT Prague provides international students accommodation in dormitories located in the southern part of Prague, in the district of Chodov. There are two buildings, Sázava and Volha. Accommodation will be provided in a single two-bed room in Sázava. Two neighbouring rooms share a bathroom, a toilet, and a small corridor with a fridge. They are equipped with basic furniture.

For more information and photos visit the website:

International students living in the dormitories do not need to register with the Foreign Police to announce their arrival in the Czech Republic; this is taken care of by the Administration of UCT Prague Facilities. 

Map and Address

Sázava: Chemická (Ekonomická) 952, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice

Off-Campus Living

Students can also choose to live off-campus; when choosing this option, please note you will need to register your place of residence with the Foreign Police.

EU students in Private Residences

If you are from the EU and will not live in Sázava, you are obliged to register at the Foreign Police office within 30 days of your arrival if your stay in the Czech Republic exceeds 30 days.

Non-EU Students in Private Residences

All non-EU students who do not live in Sázava must register at the Czech Foreign Police within three days after their arrival. This duty also applies to those visa students who are due to pick up their long-term or permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic.


Our institute IHE Delft is situated in Delft, which is one of the student cities in the Netherlands. Because it is quite difficult to find accommodation in student cities yourself, IHE Delft has obtained student accommodation for participants in our IHE Delft programmes throughout the year. If rooms in our student accommodation are available, you may choose to stay there.

Over 350 units of fully furnished accommodation, including linen sets, internet and television are available in different hostels in Delft. The availability, allocation and maintenance of the rooms are arranged by DUWO, the Delft student housing corporation. Most of the units are single rooms, with shared sanitary and cooking facilities. DUWO also offers a limited number of single rooms with private sanitary and cooking facilities.

A room in our student housing costs between € 400 and € 700 per month.


More information about housing in Ghent can be found here.

A short overview of estimated cost of living can be found here:


A brief guide to expenses regarding Erasmus MUNDUS study stay in Prague (PDF)


What kind of expenses should you expect when coming to Holland?

Your daily expenses include food, public transport, books, clothes, and cinema tickets. But you also need to take into account the costs for housing and insurance. Experience has shown that students living and studying in Holland for one year spend between €800 and €1,100 a month.


Food is estimated to take another third of your income. Fortunately, most higher education institutions offer hot meals at reasonable prices. Many cities have pubs (eetcafés) where you can get a good meal at a good price. But the cheapest way to eat is to do your own cooking.

Some average prices: a cup of coffee/tea in a café: €3, a cheese sandwich: €5, dinner in a typical student restaurant: €10. Most supermarkets offer a variety of brands. It is worth comparing the prices to find the cheapest option.

Other expenses

The remaining third of your income will go towards leisure, books, travel and other expenses.

You can get around town easily on a bicycle. This is not only typically Dutch but also a cheap means of transportation. Bus tickets cost around €2 for a single fare in the city. You can consider buying a discount card for train tickets, which gives you 40% reduction in off-peak times.


Visit the website of the Dutch railways for more information.

Cinema tickets cost about €15.00 but most cinemas give student discounts.

Student discounts

Many bars, restaurants, museums and cinemas give student discounts. Most of these ask for proof in the form of a student card from your institution. You should check in advance if a student discount is available.


More information about living expenses in Belgium can be found here.

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